I’m your cheerleader, advisor, accountability buddy, thought partner, and coach.

Tackle every part of your life.

I have faced many challenges as both a child of an immigrant family and as a gay person of color. Through the kindness and generosity of LGBTQ+ mentors who were willing to coach and guide me, I was able to overcome obstacles within my career and beyond. As a coach, I hope to make a positive impact on those who are currently facing challenges similar to the ones I had.

I strongly believe that building a company has benefits outside of just making money. It can be a powerful vehicle for profound self-discovery, all while building something you want to work on and are actually interested in.

Because of this belief, I call myself a Business Coach. While I focus on helping you start and run a successful business, remember that building a business cannot be treated as something completely separate from other areas of your life. We need to make them all work together. We will dissect all realms of your life, explore emotional blocks, and make a plan for how to handle what's beyond your control.

With all that in mind, you can call me a Business Coach, Executive Coach, Career Coach, Life Coach, whatever you prefer. At the end of the day, I am really your CHAMPION.

Aside from coaching, I am also the Senior Vice President of Operations at a personal development company. I also own a DTC men’s swimwear brand that is sold in 13 retailers in major cities (LA, NYC, San Diego, Miami, Palm Springs, Seattle, etc.) across the USA. My swimwear brand completed the LA-based Accelerator, Grid110.

I have served on the Board of Directors for the Los Angeles LGBTQ+ Chamber of Commerce and founded an LGBTQ+ Young Entrepreneurs Program where we taught entrepreneurs under the age of 30 how to start and run their own companies.

I also served on the Programming Board of StartOut where we produced workshops for companies in the early stages of their businesses.

Lastly, I have a partnership with the city of Los Angeles and the LA LGBT Center where I mentor interns from their career development center.

You can learn more about my professional experience on my LinkedIn - I’d love to connect!

Yes, I have a lot going on. That’s why I limit my coaching to only a handful of clients who are eager and committed to this journey.

In my spare time, I love exploring new cities, attending music festivals, and trying out new restaurants.


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